Monday, August 1, 2016

it's really been a long time now..

Everyone has been very busy, so busy that it seems I've run out of time to blog!! Rosalee is a high school graduate (guess that means she'll be a freshman again), Elic will be a sophomore, and Georgea will be a Freshman this year!
 The dogs have been doing well.. .there are 4 now!

 We have looked at mountains, and sunsets, and the moon!

 Gone to the lake, hung out at home, and went on many bike rides!

And everyone is growing up and changing and finding lives of their own. :( A little sad about that, but they are all growing into wonderful, amazing people!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

wow! it's been a while...

Didn't realize it'd been so long since I'd put pictures on here!  
We had a great summer, lots of camping and sunshine.... 

 Elic found a nice warm spot for a nap when we went to Seward early this summer.
 Georgea worked on posing for the camera.
 They look good together when they aren't fighting!  :)
 Louis enjoyed some pinecone cereal and coffee...
 Rosalee practicing her serious look.  Seems she's getting ready for senior pics, not too far away now!
 Group shot by Kenai Lake.
 Had a great moon over Goat Mtn. and Twin Peaks.
 Had to do a little camping orthodontics.... Elic and his wire or chain gave us several extra visits this year.
 Seward rocks by the beach.
 Group selfies!!!
 Beach dogs-- loving it!
 The Excursion looked like this a lot this summer!  Excellent camping summer... minus the mosquitos!
 Did some hiking... up Lazy Mtn.  Oh were my legs were sore the next day!
 The dogs carried their own gear... and our snacks!
 Did some camping, biking, swimming and berry picking up north too!  Beautiful time with good friends!
 We had to make our own shade here... so hot!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

things we did this winter...

 We went to Seward for a sunny day!

 The dogs had a great winter full of walking, running and playing... they like to smile!

 We had campfires and camping at the cabin.

 Went ice skating on the lake.

 Took some pictures of skating on the lake...

 Tried on new glasses..  :)
 Enjoyed the frosty, cold days.

 Tried to stay warm...

 Went skiing.
 Looked for the sun,
 did some baking,  and
 had a Merry Christmas!
        Did some crafting and some snowmaching,
and  a little snow shoeing, too!   Now we wait for spring...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's finish up this trip!!!

We saw this little bear both times we were at Glacier National Park.   They were trying to get her away from traffic and people, but she didn't seem to cooperate too well!  

Waterfall/river at Glacier. 

Clematis grow WILD in Montana!!!  

The old tour buses.  

The indian paintbrush was beautiful.  

Heading into Canada

I remembered this place from when I was in high school... so glad the kids got to see it too!   

The buffalo jump. 

Heading home!  

   Wish this was in better focus... just a cute pic

sheep along the road

lots of bears going through B.C.

The road was closed and we got stuck at Liard, this guy was camping with us.  

notice the background?  

destruction bay... beautiful day.

sign post forest

Whitehorse--  checked out the old boat!

Elic was hungry... as usual!!!  

I loved the kitchen shelves

Georgea was going to drive

Rosalee with the supplies

We made it to the border!!!  

Georgea was trying to leave Elic in Canada!  

Back in Alaska! 
We had a great trip, but it's always good to be home!!!